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The Great Oak is a symbol of courage and power, and legend has it that the Great Oak Tree is the most powerful and enduring of all trees.  The Great Oak gains strength from deep roots that grow and develop through patience and persistence.  As the tree matures its ability to withstand rain, wind, storm and toxic intruders is unparalleled.  The result of the tree’s patience, endurance and strength produce some of the most beautiful and inspiring forms of life.


We consider it a privilege to assist you in your journey and are honored that you have chosen us to help.


As professional counselors, our philosophy in working with clients is consistent with the symbolism of the Great Oak.  We believe all people have the capacity to grow, be courageous and endure patiently.  Through the challenges we experience comes the capacity to heal and grow stronger.

Meet the Team

At Great Oak Counseling, we are a team of dedicated and highly skilled counselors, trained to guide you through a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, marriage counseling, infidelity and a variety of other concerns you may have.


Dr. Travis Smith, PhD, LPC

In addition to being  Director & Owner of Great Oak Counseling, Travis is an Associate Professor at Southeast Missouri State University.

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Jody Petzoldt

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Dr. Jan Ward

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Andre Ebert

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Leah Crask-Ellis, LPC

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Matthew Tompkins, PLPC

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