Couples Counseling Near Me

Couples Counseling Near Me

Looking for couples counseling near me?

It’s been said that nearly half of marriages end in divorce, but with couples counseling near me, that doesn’t have to be where your relationship ends up. At Great Oak Counseling, we have experience with treating a wide range of issues that can either drive a wedge into a marriage or relationship or be transformed into a source of greater connectedness and understanding.

Wondering if local marriage counseling is right for you?

If you desire to improve the quality of your relationship, but don’t consider your relationship to be in trouble, couples counseling may not be exactly what you need. See, some couples may not need marriage counseling to strengthen their connection to another.  Attending one of our Hold Me Tight® Couples workshops may be a better fit. These workshops give couples access to research-based information and professionals to help you strengthen the relationship.

All couples are welcome in this workshop, regardless of marital status, age, faith or sexual orientation. This education workshop supports therapy nicely but does not replace it if your relationship is in high distress.

Does couples counseling work for everyone?

In short, no. Counselors and therapists act in good faith to the best of their expert abilities to assess the health of the relationship and the individuals involved. Your mental and physical health is our paramount concern and, in some cases, staying together may not be the best outcome. With both partners truly committed to making it work, Great Oak couples counseling near me supports you in making major shifts. Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, so naturally a decision that isn’t taken lightly. We can help you find the clarity you need to make a confident decision to move forward together or help you part ways amicably, reducing the impact of stress that a split can cause. We work in partnership with you and your significant other to create a path forward.

For relationships in high distress, referrals may be made to individual counseling, addiction counseling, psychological evaluation & diagnostics, and trauma counseling. At Great Oak Counseling, our counseling for couples near me pulls out all the stops when it comes to creating a therapy plan and supporting our clients.

There are many reasons for seeking couples counseling near me.

Have you turned into roommates with your spouse or partner? If you’ve lost the spark that you once felt for each other, it can leave you questioning everything about the relationship. You may be feeling unheard, maybe a bit invisible. Maybe you get along cordially with one another, but you’re missing that passion you felt for each other at one time. Maybe there’s been a big change in one or both partners that make you feel like you don’t really know each other anymore. Whatever the cause, the effect is distance, and you deserve intimacy in the relationship with your significant other. In fact, we all do. At Great Oak Counseling, we can help you reestablish that bond. Mutual respect, understanding and ease of communication are just a few of the positive benefits you can expect from the supportive guidance of our couples’ counselors. Our deepest desire is for all your relationships to be healthy, and for your marriage to be one that works for both of you. With couples counseling near me, you and your partner can stop the roommate business and be a couple once again.

What if my relationship has suffered a trauma?

Infidelity and the dishonesty that can be brought on by addiction can result in traumatic suffering felt by one or both partners. Our licensed clinicians expertly guide patients through even the rockiest, most emotional terrain with care and compassion so that the trauma can be released to the past. With some cases of severe trauma, counseling for one of the individuals in the relationship may be necessary to help him/her process and heal from a painful event from the past that is having both indirect and direct impact on the relationship and his/her ability to move forward. Great Oak Counseling has expert trauma therapists and utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing psychotherapy (EMDR), a scientifically researched and proven protocol to help with issues that stem from unresolved trauma and adverse life experiences. For more on EMDR, click here.

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