Couples Therapy Near Me

Couples Therapy Near Me

Looking for the best couples therapy near me?

If you’re looking for the best couples therapy near me, you may be wondering what makes couples counseling the best one for you.

Some minor research can tell you what forms of treatment a marriage counseling practice employs, but how do you know whether it’s what your relationship needs? There is no “one size fits all” approach at Great Oak Counseling.  Our therapists integrate a number of modalities to tailor the best couples therapy near me to transform your relationship to one that serves and supports your best life.

Because we spend so much of our time and energy thinking about our most intimate relationship, it can really impact every area of our life.

Relationships are how we relate to each other within the energetic space we share.

An intimate relationship can both feed our energy and drain it. Are you focused on the things that fill your cup, and that of your partner? Do you know how to plug the leaks? Marriage counseling with one of our therapists at Great Oak Counseling will support you in learning the communication skills you need to bring a new depth to your connection, trust, and understanding.

How we relate to another person is directly impacted by how we relate to ourselves.

What is the tone of your inner dialogue? How healthy is your self-concept? Are you stuck in a mindset that is no longer serving you and your relationship? Professional one-on-one counseling can be a great complement to marriage counseling. As each individual reflects on their own thoughts and feelings, couples therapy near me supports each partner in becoming more aware of what is within their control and what they can do to improve their relationship and their unique experience within it.

Because any one issue can impact our most intimate relationships, we offer:

  • Professional Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Play Therapy
  • Psychological Evaluation and Diagnostics
  • Addictions Counseling (e.g. drug, alcohol, gambling, food, sex)
  • Infidelity Counseling
  • LifeStar® Treatment Program for pornography and/or sexual addiction
  • Trauma Counseling and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshops
  • Connections® Shame Resilience Group

Is couples counseling just for those with really bad relationship issues?

While marriage counseling is most often called upon for a breakdown in communication or a challenging phase of a relationship, it isn’t necessary to wait until things get really tense or painful. There’s not really “good” or “bad” issues per say, there’s simply towards or away from the source of them. With Great Oak, we support you in getting to the source of the problem and changing the way you see and deal with it, together.

Pro-active couples counseling or pre-marriage counseling can really help to get ahead of the issues before they become super-charged with emotions. Even if you’ve been in a committed, healthy relationship for years, big life changes can sometimes change what you need from the relationship. For example, anticipating an empty nest can be a scary time for one or both partners, but it can also be a great time to reconnect around what you desire in the next phase of the relationship.

What else can Great Oak Counseling, as the best couples therapy near me, really help with?

If you or your partner has experienced a loss (e.g. family member or friend, job, physical health, financial) or big change (e.g. blended family, relocation, ailing parents), it may start to affect the relationship in both direct and indirect ways. Both grief and stress can sneak up on us, and unless we learn to feel our feelings and express our thoughts about them in a healthy, productive manner, they can weigh us down and come out sideways.

Because our children’s mental health is such a big part of our own mental health, we offer a dedicated space with play therapy tools and toys in the Leaf Room at Great Oak Counseling. This area is to specifically help children feel safe and comfortable to express themselves.

We also offer workshops and continuing education opportunities for therapists and counselors in the community so we can all continuously evolve and improve our practices. For a full listing of upcoming events and CE opportunities, visit our events page.

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