Psychological Evaluation & Diagnosis

Great Oak Counseling offers psychological and diagnostic services for a variety of mental health needs including intelligence testing, ADHD diagnosis and treatment and personality testing.

Some people have undiagnosed mental health issues that stand in the way of effective treatment. While counseling effectively improves mental health, some individuals benefit from a combination of medication and counseling. In order to receive proper medication an accurate diagnosis is vital. Psychological evaluations can provide clarity for misunderstood symptoms.

Intelligence testing is performed by a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) certified Psychological Evaluator and is used to determine the child’s full-scale intelligence quotient. In addition, this test can help identify strengths and limitations in other cognitive functions.

The evaluation process starts with the cognitive assessment to determine the child’s full-scale intelligence quotient, as well as other cognitive abilities including verbal comprehension, processing speed, working memory, fluid reasoning, and visual spatial reasoning. Upon the completion of the cognitive test, a norm-referenced achievement test is then administered. Assessment of achievement is an integral part of assessment used to rule out or diagnose learning disabilities. If any further testing is warranted in any specific area(s), additional assessments will be administered.